✨ Keynote and Workshop Topics

Build Your Confidence

Gain the clarity and motivation to confidently achieve your academic and professional goals.

  • Manage negative conversations & silence your impostor syndrome.
  • Overcome self-doubt & build self-trust.
  • Know your strengths and play in your zone of genius.

Improve Student Employability & Graduate Success

Make a smoother transition from university to graduate life and live a life you enjoy.

  • Understand where you are in relation to where you want to be.
  • Develop strategies to help your brilliance stand out from the crowd during your early career or entrepreneurial journey.
  • Adopt new success habits and daily practices to support your future.

Leverage Your Strengths & Potential 

Unlock your personal power, passion and purpose.

  • Stop doubting your skills and intentionally design your future.
  • Turn your strengths into actionable and attainable goals using the SMS formula.
  • Discover the #1 way to communicate your strengths effectively in interviews, meetings & presentations.

Diversity, Inclusion & Acceptance 

Discover how to close the BAME awarding gap and break glass ceilings. 

  • Create inclusive teaching and learning opportunities to empower diverse students and staff.
  • Create an inclusive safe space to collectively recognise and disempower deeply rooted limiting beliefs.
  • Rise above rejection and use feedback as fuel to succeed.

⚡️What students and graduates have to say...

"I attended 6 workshops which allowed me to recognise the doubts that I had about my skills and instead concentrate on my skills and the attributes that make me unique. The sessions left me feeling empowered and in a mood of self reflection". 

Chenzira Gwenzi

Associate Candidate Care Partner at Hays

"Cel is one of the best guides for students and she has empowered me a lot. She looks for things that we are confused about or afraid of and helps us confront them".

Kin Blake

MSc in Finance Analysis, Candidate for CFA level 1 exam

"I am so glad to have been introduced to Cel. Her words of encouragement have been vital for me in getting through this pandemic. The perseverance and positivity she holds is what makes me truly admire her".

Khadija Mussa

Final Year Management Student

"My experiences with Cel were nothing less than magnificent. Her electrifying personality lit up our workshops, and I am grateful for the lessons she taught my colleagues and me in the Diversity, Inclusion, and Acceptance Student Collective. One of her excellent traits that I believe is unparalleled and extremely rare is her ability to bring the best out of people. For example, I joined the DIA Student Collective in the fall of 2019, but due to COVID-19, I managed to have brief interactions with the team. In a span of 6 workshops, she managed to open our minds and hearts to tell each other what we like, what we dislike, and what we want in life. Us being close to strangers, I feel that her workshops allowed a fantastic transition from the closed-off world we used to live in, to an open and friendly space that benefited us to work as a team. Cel impressed us so much that we invited her to be a speaker in our first ever DIA Student Collective - Speaker Series because we believed that she needed to be brought to the mass market. Our Speaker Series grossed over 120 attendees and I truly believe we could not have done it without Cel. I highly recommend Cel for Personal Development, Driving Results, and Motivational & Public Speaking. Thank you so much, Cel!

Gregor Gough

Graduate Associate Wealth Advisor at Ascot Wealth Management

💫 What you can expect...


 ✓ Pre-event discovery, objectives and content call (for event organisers only)


✓  45-minute to 60-minute personalised keynote delivery

1-hour workshop to 3-hour personalised workshop delivery 

✓  Event workbooks

✓  Optional Q&A Session

💡 Best Audience for Keynotes and Workshops: Young Adults, University Students, Student Ambassadors, Interns, Graduates, Graduate Entrepreneurs, Employability Programmes, Youth Leadership Organisations.

*A one-off workshop or a series workshops are available upon request.


✓  Post-event briefing feedback call (for event organisers only)

Cel is an excellent communicator and has a unique ability to engage her audience. It was inspiring to witness her effortlessly establish a personal rapport with our students despite being restricted to the online platform. The students visibly blossomed in her presence as she gently yet firmly encouraged them to ‘recognise their inner champions’ and offered them practical advice on ‘realising their potential and manifesting their goals. Cel's optimism is infectious and firmly built on the foundations of pragmatism. She strikes me as a person who creates and sees unlimited opportunities rather than being defined by labels or constrained by circumstances. This positive attitude in an environment where negativity abounds, is refreshing and relevant".

Professor Sukanya Gupta

Professor of Management, Royal Holloway University,

University of London Director of MSc Human Resource Management

⚡️What education professionals 

have to say...

“Cel’s talent of storytelling gives you the gentle but firm push to start designing your life and own career”.

Konstantina Dee

Careers & Employability Officer at WMG, University of Warwick

"Cel is an amazing guest speaker. She motivates with a lot of authentic stories. Highly recommended".

Professor Gloria Agyemang 

Executive Dean, 

School of Management and Business,

Royal Holloway University of London

"We reached out to Cel when we wanted to start addressing the attainment gap amongst students from minority ethnicities - here she successfully helped embolden, empower and mentor a powerful group of ambassadors through an important establishment period (running well ahead of the #blm agenda). Always super reliable, Cel goes the extra mile in wanting to understand the audience and the desired outcomes. She is highly professional and mature beyond her years, with oodles of tenacity and creativity". 

Professor Justin O'Brien 

National Teaching Fellow,

Executive Director for Postgraduate Programmes, University of Surrey

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Information for Decision Makers

International Travel Information

Cel travels from Liverpool, UK and flies from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, UK.

AV Requirements

Cel prefers a lav or headset so her hands are free during the presentation 🙂

Cel's Mission

Cel Amade is dedicated to empowering, encouraging and equipping students, graduates and young professionals to unlock their potential, confidently take their next steps and design their future.

Presentation Design

Cel considers your event as a whole in planning her presentations and evaluates every element from the audience's perspective. She will adapt her talk to ensure her Keynote or Workshop meets your learning outcomes goals and is a good fit to the time available.  Cel arrives early, and aims to start and finish on time. When possible, she stays until attendees run out of "quick questions" to ask. 

Virtual Events

Cel brings her high professional speaking standards to Zoom video conferencing, Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.

Marketing Material

Please email info@celamade.com

Cel Amade is committed to helping students and graduates recognise their inner champion so they can confidently take inspired action towards their desired results.

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