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Konstantina Dee

Careers & Employability Officer at WMG, University of Warwick

Cel’s talent of storytelling gives you the gentle but firm push to start designing your life and own career. There are 14 key questions that will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your own self and thus take charge of your world.

Chapter 7 is my favourite. I loved hearing and now reading your story about getting a job. It inspires me every single time without fail. Seeing how you unravel all your experiences makes me appreciate my little achievements even more.

Khadija Mussa

BSc Management with Accounting Student at Royal Holloway University of London

Michelle Johnson

MHS, PA-C, The Pain Free PA, Certified Life Coach & Stress Specialist

Cel has touched the core of what so many of us experience as we attempt to live the life expected of us. This book is the formula to create your dream life. Can we make this book a required reading for our youth? I surely wish I had this book on my journey to self-discovery.

With this book, Cel is making her formula for successfully designing your own world more widely available than to the countless organisations and individuals that she has worked with. It is an easy read that nevertheless asks challenging questions to find out where are the gaps between where I am now and where I want to be. 

Dr.Sigrun Wagner

Head of Department and Senior Lecturer, School of Business and Management, Royal Holloway, University of London


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Enjoy some hours of inspiration as Cel helps you define your next steps and gives you the strategies to achieve it.

Design Your Life Audio Guided Visualisation 

Sit back, relax and start feeding your mind with new possibilities to design your world.  (Not for use while driving or operating equipment).

💫 THIS BOOK, will help you . . .

  • Break cycles of unworthiness and seize new opportunities   
  • Honour your talents and ignite your best
  • Confidently market your skills
  • Create a blueprint to achieve your desired results

You'll also learn how to

  • Be okay with rejection
  • Unlock new possibilities
  • Redefine success on your own terms

So you can feel more

  • Prepared to take your next steps
  • Confident in who you're becoming
  • Purposeful with your goals and path

📖 About the Author

Cel Amade

Cel Amade is an Author, Speaker and Personal Development Trainer. She empowers, equips and educates young adults from across the world to recognise their own talents and potential, market their skills and redefine success on their own terms. She has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including FE News, Prospects UK, Business Graduate Association, London Business Magazine, the Voice Newspaper, TEDx, Ambition Podcast and more.  Cel is a celebrated speaker in universities, schools, fortune 500 companies and NGOs worldwide. She recently joined the Advisory Board of the School of Business and Management at Royal Holloway University.

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A lucid and candid book that Millennials and Gen Z’s in particular will love!

It encapsulates Cel's wisdom gleaned from her early career as an entrepreneur trying to find her place in the world. Using copious, relatable examples from her own life, “Prepping for the Real World” is a concise and very readable, reflective, and empowering reader that is loaded up with actionable takeaways.

Professor Justin O'Brien

National Teaching Fellow, Executive Director for Postgraduate Programmes at the University of Surrey

Cel has opened up avenues for success for young adults in a compelling way.

This book gives personalised support to young people searching for ways of succeeding in today’s hectic world. We have been waiting for such support for a very long time… now it is here! Cel has opened up avenues for success for young adults in a compelling way.

Professor Gloria Agyemang

Head of School,

School of Management and Business, Royal Holloway University of London

It's like having an honest conversation with a trusted friend, philosopher & guide!

This book takes you on an eye-opening and transformative journey towards the fulfilment of your aspirations. Cel, holds an honest and insightful mirror that reveals your inner strengths and areas of improvement and then takes you gently yet firmly by the hand leading you towards your desired destination whilst unveiling a better version of yourself.

Sukanya Den Gupta

Professor of Management at Royal Holloway University, University of London Director of MSc Human Resource Management

Thank You for making Prepping for the Real World an instant best seller!

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