Recognise your strengths, take inspired action,

design your own world!

Cel Amade is dedicated to empowering young adults to design their own world using strategy and storytelling.

Cel holds a 1st class honours in BSc Management and International Business from Royal Holloway University, a Postgraduate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge, certificates in Team Leadership, CMI Professional Consulting and is an accredited Strengths Profile Coach. She has worked with UK Higher Educators, BAME Ambassadors, Graduate Employers, Accelerator Programmes, Leaders and CEOs from the property, automotive and fashion retail industry; international associations including Enterprise Nation and more.

Cel excels in delivering keynote and workshop presentations - both live and virtually and her educational YouTube content has amassed over 721,000 views in the past year. Whether it is building confidence, strategically using their strengths or feeling more empowered to persevere - Cel's clients attribute her guidance and inspiration as a contributing factor to their personal and career fulfilment. Using her signature SMS Formula, Cel shares teachable moments in her life to inspire the audience to find and strategically use their inner champion. Having travelled to over 25 countries and studied in 3 countries, she walks her talk and brings a global perspective to all her keynotes, workshops and trainings.

You cannot live in shame, blame, guilt, regret

AND achieve your desired result at the same time.

Cel's Dilemma at the Age of 23

During her final year at University, Cel was ashamed

Ashamed because she had all

these awards, accolades and experiences... Yet, she had over 50 job rejections sitting in her inbox. For months, her desired result seemed to be running away from her!

The moment she set myself free of that shame

She got really specific on the result she wanted. In that case, her desired result was to secure a full-time job in the UK consulting industry after graduation.


Cel took bold strategic steps

In the direction of that desired result and she managed to put herself (and her skills) in front of a group of 9 prospective consulting employers in one event led by her.

   I believed in my desired result

I took bold strategic Steps

and In less than 24 hours... 

I had 2 amazing job offers

in consulting Companies 

Waiting for my decision.

Regardless of everything you've been through, it's never too late to believe in yourself!

It’s never too late to believe in yourself. To believe in who you are and the strength that is inside of you.

To be brave and to shift any challenge to your advantage.

To believe that you have the power to design your own world.

See your best now. Not the best you were or the best you will be one day…

Achieving your desired result requires you to see the best in you NOW.

Cel Amade is committed to helping you recognise your inner champion so you can confidently take inspired action towards your desired results.


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