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When speaking to us ambassadors, Cel had to deal with a group that was quite closed off and unmotivated due to the multiple setbacks that have occurred during the pandemic. Despite that, you were able to create a safe space for us to open up as a group .Your workshops were a real turning point for us! 

I am really grateful for your clarity and your motivational style when talking to us about our life experiences and being able to relate it to your own experiences.

Sarah H.

 / BSc Management

Student Ambassador



I had the pleasure of being inspired by Cel at a recent workshop. Her words are captivating and she has a unique gift of inspiring students to own their personal power.

In 3 hours I was able to identify 3 things that were obstructing me and learn more about myself! I now have tools to continue rebuilding my self-confidence before I graduate.

Lydia M.

/ BA  Politics and Sociology



This was the best keynote I've been to. Cel is a combination of warmth, authenticity, inclusivity and intelligence. I truly cherished every second. It made me dig deeper into who I am. And I will not loose the sight of the leader in me I saw today! It was a very powerful and inspiring session.

Joy O.

/ BSc Finance

Designing your own world starts with YOU!

Transformational Workshops

We all want to do what we love and love what we do, instead of unconsciously drifting through life. This interactive workshop guides your audience to recognise their strengths amid all the distractions and feel more confident taking action towards their desired results. Using relatable real-life stories, job hunting strategies and self-help tips, Cel empowers your audience to stand out from the crowd and take bold strategic marketing steps to design their own world. A world where they’re not afraid to show up, speak up and strategically get into action.

Motivational Keynotes

Within each and every one of us is the dream and desire to recognise our inner champion and use it to make a difference in the world. This presentation will help your audience realise that “a champion” exists within each one of them and that they have the opportunity to live their champion every day. This call-to-action keynote is packed with encouraging messages and lessons of personal resilience to inspire your audience to get out of the “procrastination cycle” and develop the habit of motivating themselves, rebuilding their self-belief and becoming the best version of themselves, starting today.

Wellbeing Workshops

College and university are exciting times, but they can also be stressful, overwhelming, and filled with anxiety.  Cel’s wellbeing presentations and workshops break the stigma surrounding mental health by sharing her own battle with shame, guilt and regret during her final year, despite all her university awards and a first-class honours degree. This interactive workshop will help your students choose a positive path for their minds. A path where they overcome mental blocks and strengthen their belief to achieve long term fulfilment in their personal and academic lives, regardless of backgrounds and disciplines.

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Cel’s keynotes and workshops are uniquely crafted for your audience based on where they are now and the results they wish to achieve. Young adults often find themselves hanging on to every word of Cel’s heartfelt and empowering messages providing them with the confidence to take action.

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