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Customers served! 10 % Increased Confidence and Engagement
Customers served! 10 % Increased Clarity To Take Next Steps
Customers served! 10 % Increased Motivation to Achieve Goals 

What Professionals Say about

Prepping for the Real World 🤩

“This book is the formula to create your dream life. Can we make this book a required reading for our youth”?

Michelle Johnson

MHS, PA-C, The Pain Free PA, Certified Life Coach & Stress Specialist

“Cel’s talent of storytelling gives you the gentle but firm push to start designing your life and own career”.

Konstantina Dee

Careers & Employability Officer at WMG, University of Warwick

🧩 As a result of reading Prepping for the Real World students and graduates. . . 

Will learn how to: 
  • Break cycles of unworthiness 
  • Confidently market their skills
  • Honour their talents and ignite their best
  • Create a blueprint to achieve their goals
 Will also learn to:
  • Be okay with rejection
  • Unlock new possibilities
  • Redefine success on their own terms
  • Seize new opportunities  

 So they can feel more:
  • Prepared to take their next steps
  • Confident in who they're becoming
  • Purposeful with their goals and path

 💫 What leaders in the education sector have to say about this book...

A lucid and candid book that Millennials and Gen Z’s in particular will love!

"It encapsulates Cel's wisdom gleaned from her early career as an entrepreneur trying to find her place in the world. Using copious, relatable examples from her own life, “Prepping for the Real World” is a concise and very readable, reflective, and empowering reader that is loaded up with actionable takeaways".

Professor Justin O'Brien

National Teaching Fellow,

Executive Director for Postgraduate Programmes, University of Surrey

Cel has opened up avenues for success for young adults in a compelling way.

"This book gives personalised support to young people searching for ways of succeeding in today’s hectic world. We have been waiting for such support for a very long time… now it is here! Cel has opened up avenues for success for young adults in a compelling way".

Professor Gloria Agyemang

Executive Dean, 

School of Management and Business,

Royal Holloway University of London

It's like having an honest conversation with a trusted friend, philosopher & guide!

"This book takes you on an eye-opening and transformative journey towards the fulfilment of your aspirations. Cel, holds an honest and insightful mirror that reveals your inner strengths and areas of improvement and then takes you gently yet firmly by the hand leading you towards your desired destination whilst unveiling a better version of yourself".

Professor Sukanya Den Gupta

Professor of Management, Royal Holloway University,

University of London Director of MSc Human Resource Management

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⚡️What students say about Cel...

"I attended 6 workshops which allowed me to recognise the doubts that I had about my skills and instead concentrate on my skills and the attributes that make me unique. The sessions left me feeling empowered and in a mood of self reflection". 

Chenzira Gwenzi

Associate Candidate Care Partner at Hays

"Cel is one of the best guides for students and she has empowered me a lot. She looks for things that we are confused about or afraid of and helps us confront them".

Kin Blake

MSc in Finance Analysis, Candidate for CFA level 1 exam

"I am so glad to have been introduced to Cel. Her words of encouragement have been vital for me in getting through this pandemic. The perseverance and positivity she holds is what makes me truly admire her".

Khadija Mussa

Final Year Management Student


Cel Speaks About:


Gain the clarity and motivation you need to confidently create, pursue, and achieve your goals.

  • Manage negative conversations, create healthy boundaries and teach yourself that you are worth it, instead of worthless.
  • Build self-trust and learn how to love YOU first.
  •  Know yourself better, your zone of genius, and your purpose, and see the path to your dreams more clearly.

Leveraging Strengths & Potential

Unlock your power, passion and purpose.

  • Start intentionally designing a life that utilises your full potential, instead of overthinking, waiting or comparing yourself to others.
  •  Find your strengths and turn them into actionable and attainable goals.
  • Learn how to take extraordinary action, letting nothing stop you from creating the life you want.
  • Communicate your strengths effectively in the next season of your life

Student Employability & Graduate Success

Make a smoother transition from university to graduate life and live a life you truly love.

  • Understand where you are, what you want more of and less of, and the big why under the layers. What’s really missing for you? Who do you really want to be?
  • Develop strategies to help your brilliance stand out from the crowd during your job hunt or entrepreneurial journey.
  • Adopt new success habits and learn new routines that support your success and future.

Diversity, Inclusion & Acceptance

How to close the BAME attainment gap and unlock your ability to achieve any goal.

  • Learn new inclusive approaches to empower you the diverse student to achieve any goal.
  • Create a safe space to recognise and disempower old limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.
  • Learn how to take extraordinary action, letting nothing stop you from creating the life you want.
  • How to handle rejection and how to use feedback to greatly improve your results.

Personal Development Keynotes & Workshops


Book a keynote with Cel and get:

  • One personalised 45-minute virtual keynote delivery
  • One 15-minute Q&A session
  • One 30-minutes pre-event briefing call (for event organisers only)
  • One 30-minutes post-event feedback call (for event organisers only)

Book a workshop with Cel and get:

  • One personalised 90-minute virtual workshop delivery
  • One 30-minutes pre-event briefing call (for event organisers only)
  • One 30-minutes post event feedbacl call (for event organisers only)
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  • Lifetime Access
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  • Lifetime Access
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  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 Minute Private Coaching Call

*A one-off workshop or a series workshops are available upon request.

Whether you’re a University, company, conference organiser or Sponsor, we’d love to see how we can work together for your next event. 

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